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MSA50311 Diploma of Production Management - This qualification provides the skills and knowledge required to plan, direct and coordinate production activities in an organisation. The qualification has been developed with the process manufacturing sector as a focus. It may also be applied to other organisations in the value chain.

The qualification packaging has been developed on an assumption that competency will be developed through a combination of on and off-the-job learning strategies. The qualification may also be achieved through recognition processes.


Job roles/employment outcomes

The Diploma of Production Management specifies the competencies required for employment in job roles related to assisting
organisations to improve production.

Employment outcomes related to this qualification may include roles such as a production or operations manager.



This qualification provides skills that can be applied to the design and control of production systems within an organisation,

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Tracking and analysing
  • Directing and operating


Pathways into the qualification

This qualification has no entry requirement. However entrants for the qualification should already possess operational or technical skills related to the organisation seeking production improvements either through prior industrial experience or previous study. For this reason the qualification is not suitable as an entry level qualification for school leavers.

Additional Qualification Advice

This qualification provides the skills needed to assist organisations to improve production where Competitive Manufacturing (Lean) processes are not fully employed. It therefore complements but does not duplicate qualifications supplying technical skills related to Competitive Manufacturing. Where these skills are required MSS50312 Diploma of Competitive Systems and Practices, should be considered.



Diploma of Production Management information sheet

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